The Fat Olive Photo Shoot

By Lisa Hu |  April 17th, 2012  |  Published in Internships, jobs & volunteering, zS Blogs | Tags: , , , ,

Three weeks ago, in mid-March, I coordinated a photo shoot for David Laris' The Fat Olive, the third and newest location of Shanghai's  premier Mediterranean restaurant chain. The Fat Olive's menu, designed by the Shanghai-based chef and restaurateur Laris, features flavorsome dishes best complimented with a unique wine.

I brought six of my friends from the NYU Shanghai program, and my supervisor had seven of her friends to come in to be our models for the shoot.

It was a very fun and hands-on experience. I first outlined with my supervisor the areas that needed to be shot. We made a list of the places to be shot in the restaurant–for example: the wine area, the balcony and terrace, the game room, the bar–I coordinated who should be shot in each scene. I discussed with the photographer, Kevin, and we started the shooting.

These pictures are stored in "The Fat Olive" folder for future usage; we use these pictures for EDMs, flyers, online listings and   for journalists/bloggers when they want to write about the restaurant.

It was definitely very tiring and stressful but the pictures turned out great and the shoot, overall was very successful. Here are some pictures from the photo shoot:


I continue to be satisfied with the choice I made to work for this company. I have obtained valuable knowledge about the food and beverage industry, and I look up to my supervisor as a mentor who I can learn from.

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